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Why our engines  & transmissions last long ?

  • right They are hand picked by our team in Japan from low mileage vehicles.
  • right Each Engine & transmission go through rigorous testing.
  • right We don't ship high mileage.....period !
  • right If we can't import a model from Japan, we offer re-manufactured engine to ensure quality.
  • right We don't ship engines with sludge.
  • right We hire experienced techs to test every mechanical aspect.
  • right We don't ship items that fail our quality test.
  • right We have a dedicated quality assurance team.
  • right No one knows JDM engines like us. Our team is in control from start to finish !
Why our Japanese engines last longer
Posted on11/15/2014 10:07:02 AM by admin
We are in the business of selling low mileage Japanese motors that actually last long. We control the whole process from start to finish because we have our own head office in Osaka. Our dedicated team in Japan cherry-picks and pulls out engines and transmissions from vehicles only after careful inspection. When container arrives Houston, we make sure each engine is carefully tested and inspected. We have a team of technicians who are certified and trained to test every functional aspect of motors and transmissions.
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All Kei (K) truck engines in stock
Posted on11/4/2014 8:20:14 AM by admin
Japanese Mini truck or Kei trucks are very famous off road trucks in United States. We used to import containers of Mini trucks in 2006 & 2007 before EPA regulated the imports of these trucks. There are over 500,000 Mini trucks in United States & Canada.

Apparently having our own office in Japan and having sold so many mini truck engines we are the only ones imporing mini truck engines for Subaru Sambar, Diahatsu Hijet, Suzuki Carry & Honda Acty.

We have ready stock of these engines at any given point of time. We also ship these engines to Canada. We also carry transmissions for all mini trucks.

Call for quotes at 1-866-418-3229. All mini truck engines imported from Japan go through stringent quality test before they are shipped to our customers.
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Japanese Engines for Sale
Posted on10/25/2014 9:20:44 AM by admin
We believe that quality of a used engine greatly depends on the vendor. We have the expertise and the drive to supply only high quality and low mileage Japanese engines. We have a dedicated team in Japan at our head office in Osaka whose one and only aim is to ensure quality of engines loaded onto our containers.

We have the largest stock of Acura, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Infiniti, Subaru & Isuzu Japanese engines for sale. We want to be known for selling best quality motors in United States & Canada. We hire certified and experienced technicans who are responsibile to test every mechanical aspect of the engines.

We are so dedicated that if we are unable to import an engine from Japan we rebuild it for our customers at our own machine shop. It is our pledge to our customers that we would ship only those engines that pass all our quality tests. Japanese motors imported from Japan are distinctly called JDM motors in the U.S where JDM means from " Japanese Domestic Market".  We don't want to deceive our customers by supplying sub-standard product therefore we feel great pride in our engines. Engine business is our labor of love !
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Rebuilt & Used Subaru EJ25 engine for Outback, Forester & baja in stock now
Posted on10/22/2014 12:46:35 PM by admin
We sell a lot of Subaru EJ25 engines both used & rebuilt. Our Rebuilt Subaru engines are built with precision. We use high quality oem engine components when we rebuild these Subaru motors at our own machine shop.

We generally import D.O.H.C EJ25 engines for 1996-1999 Subaru Legacy Outback & 1996-1998 Subaru Forester from Japan and rebuild EJ25 S.O.H.C engines. DOHC Subaru EJ25 engines from Japan don't have an EGR so we modify the cylinder head by drilling the hole for EGR so EGR hose can be transferred from USDM motor.

We also carry EJ20 SOHC engine imported from Japan which is a direct replacement for EJ25 SOHC for 1999-2002 Subaru models.

We have the largest inventory of Subaru EJ25 engines for sale for Outback, Forester, Impreza & Baja. Call us at 1-866-418-3229 for price quotes.
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All Toyota Camry engines in stock !
Posted on10/22/2014 9:31:59 AM by admin
Toyota Camry has been the best selling sedan for Toyota for three decades. We realize that we can't survive if we don't have enough Toyota Camry engines in stock. We strive to carry all Toyota Camry engines whether used or rebuilt.

Here is a list of Used & Rebuilt Toyota Camry engines we have for sale:

Toyota 3SFE for 1990-2000 Camry ( 4 cylinder )
Toyota 5SFE for 1990-2000 Camry ( 4 cylinder )
Toyota 1MZ FE   1994-2001 ( V6 Non VVTi)
Toyota  2AZ FE   2002-2014 ( 4 cylinder, Gasoline & Hybrid models)
Toyota 1MZ VVTI 2003-2005 ( V6 )
Toyota 2GR FE   2008-2014 (V6 )

If we are unable to find a certian Camry motor in Japan we offer a rebuilt engine. All Camry motors imported from Japan go through stringent quality test before they are shipped to our customers.

Also our price for rebuilt Camry motors is very close to the price of a used motor. Our motors for Camry are very competitively priced and offer good value for money.

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Five containers of Jdm motors unloaded on Friday
Posted on10/12/2014 7:10:28 PM by admin
Engines loaded in Japan

98 units of low mileage J.D.M Engines loaded at our main office in Osaka.

JDM motors loaded in the container in Osaka, Japan

98 motors loaded in Japan

Engine engine is tested & steam washed in Japan before they are loaded in the container for our Houston branch.
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Which is the best Company to buy low mileage Japanese engines
Posted on10/10/2014 12:57:38 PM by admin
There are over one million Japanese vehicles that need engines all across United States.

We want to make your research easy by helping you decide. Here are some of the deciding factors every customer should consider: Every customer must ask these questions before deciding on the vendor he will buy an engine for.

1. Need factor: Is this my only vehicle ? How soon I need the engine ? Can he buy another used car instead of an engine ?
2. Age of the vehicle ?
3. Who is selling a genuine Japanese engine ? How to verify ?
4. Can I afford to take a chance buying a non-tested cheap engine or one from a Salvage yard ?
5. How many different kinds or vendors and resellers are out there.

Answer to above questions will paint a clear picture. We have explained each factor in detail below.

1. Need factor: If a customer is looking for an engine for a vehicle which is his daily driver then for sure he can't wait. If the engine seems expensive buying another used car can prove to be a feasible option but if he is on a budget then the most logical decision would be to compare which is cheaper, a $2000 worth of an engine or a used car with 200,000 miles for $10,000. The most logical answer will be buying a used engine.

2. Age of vehicle: If the vehicle is more than ten years old it will be difficult to find a low mileage engine. Low mileage engines are only available in Japan so we recommend it is important to find a company who imports Japanese engines.

3. There are many fake vendors who misrepresent an engine from salvage yard as a low mileage Japanese engine. We recommend customers to ask for U.S customs documents as evidence which will prove if the engine was imported from Japan.

4. There are many out there who fall in a trap and decide to purchase a sub-standard high mileage engine from a Salvage yard. We would like ot remind our customers that engines from Salvage yard is not tested and are high mileage. Average mileage driven in United States reported by AAA is around 35,000 miles. If you looking for good value for money we wouldn't recommend buying from a Salvage yard. Also there are many vendors selling Japanese engines out of Canada. We would like to remind our customers that they will have no warranty protection if they buy engines from a vendor in Canada. All JDM engines sold with warranty have a disclaimer that warranty covers exchange only which means if engine goes back, customer pays for return shipping. If they buy an engine from Canadian vendor they will have to pay over $400-500 shipping. Also they will have to pay US customs duty. If the duty is not paid.

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We have all Honda Civic engines for 1988-2014 models
Posted on10/5/2014 6:59:41 PM by admin
Every Auto parts store knows very well that their survival is numbered without enough parts and components for Honda Civic. Over 50% of our revenue comes from Honda engines out of which most are for Honda Civics. We have always laid greater emphasis on importing Honda Civic engines.

Here is list of basic Honda Civic motors we have for sale:

1988-1995 Honda Civics: These are single overhead cam engines with oil dip stick in the center of the block. LX & DX models are Non Vtec and EX grade have a Vtec Solenoid on the side of the cylinder head. We import ZC ( 1.6 ltr ) or D15B ( 1.5 ltr ) from Japan.

The Non-Vtec version looks like this:

Vtec version looks like this:

1996-2000 Honda Civic engine had oil dip stick on oil pump side. LX & DX models were Non-Vtec & EX / HX grade were Vtec. The Vtec version for EX & HX which is called as D16Y8 in U.S market is our best selling JDM motor. They looks like this:

2001 - 2007 Honda Civic D17A Vtec is also a single overhead cam engine which looks like this:

We carry all above engines for sale. Our prices are very affordable. Please see the whole list of Honda Civic engines we carry at the following link : japaneseusedengines.net/Manufacturer/Honda
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Low mileage JDM Honda D16Y8, D16z6, D15B, ZC, B16A, B18C engines for sale
Posted on10/3/2014 8:50:28 AM by admin

We have the largest inventory of JDM Honda used motors in United States. We know what is in demand. We carry hard-to-find engines like:

Honda D16Y8 for 1996-200 Honda Civic EX & HX,
D16Z6 for 1990-1995 Ex & HX Honda Civic,
Honda Odyssey J35A engine
Honda K20A engine for Honda Civic SI
Honda B16A DOHC Vtec for SI Civic ( Performance engines )
Honda B18C DOHC Vtec for GSR Acura Integra.
Honda Prelude H22A & H23A Vtec engine for all models of Prelude.
Honda D15B & ZC SOHC JDM engines for 1988-2000 Honda Civics
Honda F23A SOHC Vtec for 1998-2002 Honda Accord
Honda J30A Vtec V6 motor for 1998-2002 Accord
Honda J35A V6 engine for 2003-2012 Accord
Honda Civic D17A VTEC Lx, Dx, Ex & HX grade 2001-2007 models
Honda R18A Honda Civic engine from 2007-2014 models.
Honda F22B both Vtec & non vtec engines for 1994-1997 Honda Accord

All Honda motors go through stringent quality tests before they are shipped. We ship Honda motors within continental United States & Canada and also offer expedited shipping.

Check our website http://japaneseusedengines.net/Manufacturer/Honda#.VC7FVhbLqVo for a full list of Honda engines we carry. All pictures on our websites have clear pictures so they are easy to identify.

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Low mileage JDM Honda D16Y8, D16z6, D15B, ZC, B16A, B18C engines for sale
Posted on10/3/2014 8:30:40 AM by admin
We have the largest inventory of JDM Honda used motors in United States. We know what is in demand. We carry hard-to-find engines like:

Honda D16Y8 for 1996-2000 Honda Civic EX & HX,
D16Z6 for 1990-1995 Ex & HX Honda Civic,
Honda Odyssey J35A engine.
Honda Civic D17A for Lx, Dx, Ex & Hx for 2001-2007 models,
Honda Accord V6 engine J30A for 1998-2002 models,
Honda Accord, CRV & Element 4 cylinder engine K24A 2001-2009 models,
Honda Accord 4 cylinder F22B Vtec & Non Vtec engine for 1994-1997 models,
Honda F23A Sohc 4 cylinder engine for 1998-2002 Accord,
Honda B20B engine for Honda CRV,
Honda R18A engine for 2007-2013 Civic,
All JDM D15B & ZC engines for 1988-2000 CRX & Civic,

All Honda motors go through stringent quality test. We offer expedited shipping within continental United States.

Our websites showcases all JDM Honda motors we strive to import from Japan. All listings have clear pictures so engines can easily be identified. Please check our website at the following link for the whole list of motors : japaneseusedengines.net/Manufacturer/Honda#.VC7H7hbLqVo

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