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We have all Honda Civic engines for 1988-2014 models
Posted on Sunday, October 5, 2014 6:59 PM by admin
Every Auto parts store knows very well that their survival is numbered without enough parts and components for Honda Civic. Over 50% of our revenue comes from Honda engines out of which most are for Honda Civics. We have always laid greater emphasis on importing Honda Civic engines.

Here is list of basic Honda Civic motors we have for sale:

1988-1995 Honda Civics: These are single overhead cam engines with oil dip stick in the center of the block. LX & DX models are Non Vtec and EX grade have a Vtec Solenoid on the side of the cylinder head. We import ZC ( 1.6 ltr ) or D15B ( 1.5 ltr ) from Japan.

The Non-Vtec version looks like this:

Vtec version looks like this:

1996-2000 Honda Civic engine had oil dip stick on oil pump side. LX & DX models were Non-Vtec & EX / HX grade were Vtec. The Vtec version for EX & HX which is called as D16Y8 in U.S market is our best selling JDM motor. They looks like this:

2001 - 2007 Honda Civic D17A Vtec is also a single overhead cam engine which looks like this:

We carry all above engines for sale. Our prices are very affordable. Please see the whole list of Honda Civic engines we carry at the following link : japaneseusedengines.net/Manufacturer/Honda
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