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Which is the best Company to buy low mileage Japanese engines
Posted on Friday, October 10, 2014 12:57 PM by admin
There are over one million Japanese vehicles that need engines all across United States.

We want to make your research easy by helping you decide. Here are some of the deciding factors every customer should consider: Every customer must ask these questions before deciding on the vendor he will buy an engine for.

1. Need factor: Is this my only vehicle ? How soon I need the engine ? Can he buy another used car instead of an engine ?
2. Age of the vehicle ?
3. Who is selling a genuine Japanese engine ? How to verify ?
4. Can I afford to take a chance buying a non-tested cheap engine or one from a Salvage yard ?
5. How many different kinds or vendors and resellers are out there.

Answer to above questions will paint a clear picture. We have explained each factor in detail below.

1. Need factor: If a customer is looking for an engine for a vehicle which is his daily driver then for sure he can't wait. If the engine seems expensive buying another used car can prove to be a feasible option but if he is on a budget then the most logical decision would be to compare which is cheaper, a $2000 worth of an engine or a used car with 200,000 miles for $10,000. The most logical answer will be buying a used engine.

2. Age of vehicle: If the vehicle is more than ten years old it will be difficult to find a low mileage engine. Low mileage engines are only available in Japan so we recommend it is important to find a company who imports Japanese engines.

3. There are many fake vendors who misrepresent an engine from salvage yard as a low mileage Japanese engine. We recommend customers to ask for U.S customs documents as evidence which will prove if the engine was imported from Japan.

4. There are many out there who fall in a trap and decide to purchase a sub-standard high mileage engine from a Salvage yard. We would like ot remind our customers that engines from Salvage yard is not tested and are high mileage. Average mileage driven in United States reported by AAA is around 35,000 miles. If you looking for good value for money we wouldn't recommend buying from a Salvage yard. Also there are many vendors selling Japanese engines out of Canada. We would like to remind our customers that they will have no warranty protection if they buy engines from a vendor in Canada. All JDM engines sold with warranty have a disclaimer that warranty covers exchange only which means if engine goes back, customer pays for return shipping. If they buy an engine from Canadian vendor they will have to pay over $400-500 shipping. Also they will have to pay US customs duty. If the duty is not paid.

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