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Testing Process

Import from Japan

Our team in Japan selects only the best motors.

Meet & Plan

At our Houston head office we plan and define testing procedures, inspection and quality guidelines with our experienced techs.


Here inspection& testing takes place, which ensures the quality of our engines& transmissions. Most valuable step because our reputation is everything!


Sold Engines & Transmissions are washed in environmentally friendly steam-washer and securely packed on the pallet for shipment.

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Japan is the only country where it is possible to find reliable low mileage used engines that last long!


It is very expensive to own a vehicle in Japan. Expenses depend on engine size. Japanese vehicle inspection know as“ Shaken“ is considered to be one of the most expensive roadworthiness inspection in the world. Personal cars and motorcycles need Shaken every two years but new cars require first Shaken after three years. Combined cost of Shaken includes registration fee, weight tax that depends on total weight of the vehicle, annual Automobile tax, mandatory insurance and one time recycling fee. All this amounts to Yen 200,000-300,000 which is equivalent to USS$2000-$3000. Shaken is more expensive for vehicles with bigger engines and for older vehicles. This is the reason why most vehicle owners like to get rid of their vehicle within the third year before the expiry of Shaken. Most used vehicles available at Japanese auctions will be three, five or seven year old with expired Shaken with an average mileage of 40,000-50,000kms.

Apart from Shaken other factor that makes vehicle ownership expensive in Japan is cost of parking. Japan is a small country and most apartments and houses don’t have a garage. It is not possible to buy any vehicle in Japan without renting a parking space. Parking in business districts cost upwards of US$500 per month. Public transport in Japan seems the most feasible option as it is faster and cheaper than owning a car.

Moreover gasoline costs around Yen170 (US$1.7) per liter which is around US$6.8 per gallon. Therefore public transport proves to be the cheapest option.

All above-mentioned factors restrict the mileage of vehicles in Japan. Our head office in Osaka makes it possible for us to capitalize on the availability of such low mileage vehicles. They dismantle engines and transmissions from vehicles after testing them before loading in a container for us. Our team in Japan ensures constant supply of inventory in demand for the U.S market.